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For those of you who are just becoming familiar with CAMPUS, I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and about the vision of CAMPUS. Anyone who knows me well knows I have a passion for sharing my faith as well as a passion for reaching youth. CAMPUS is a combination of both.  But, how did the vision of the CAMPUS ministry come about?

I grew up in Central Texas, attending elementary and junior high in Temple. At age eleven I accepted Christ as my savior by a simple response to Him, repenting and inviting Him through sincere prayer to lead me and guide me in life. I was a devout kid, prayed daily for friends and family and I also spent lots of time with the elderly shut ins in my lower income neighborhood. I know that my parents were the ones responsible for passing on a love for those less fortunate or folks who just need a little helping hand. My mom volunteered in nursing homes and my dad was always showing me the importance of helping others.

My dad was a policeman in Burnet County in the 60’s and 70’s, but he also served in Killeen as well as Columbus (near Houston), which was where I graduated from High School. But, this was also where I suddenly became a child of divorced parents… and where I became angry and made some bad decisions of my own. Just after High School I suffered another personal tragedy when a close family member attempted suicide and lived to try again and again. These and other experiences would later combine with the deep seeded faith from my childhood. God was at work the whole time… and He would later show me how to make good of my own experiences and why "everything happens for a reason."

After my stint in college I got back into church, which was where it all came together. Almost priding myself on my experiences, I returned to my home town where I became a youth minister. I served in ministry in two churches before having an amazing experience in the 90's as a counselor at Camp Peniel just outside Marble Falls. I returned to the ”real world” after that summer with a desire to do more in terms of giving back to my community and became Director of a non-profit youth ministry which worked with inner city youth. In 1999 an opportunity to finally build upon a future in “profits” came along when I got into real estate. An eventual move to Austin led to a nice bank account as I began to pursue the American dream. However, a spiritual mentor from my past came calling when in 2003 Camp Peniel’s founder, “Chief” Gordon Whitelock, asked me to join the staff as a domestic missionary. It was the “call” to Peniel that brought me to the Texas Hill Country where my dad “served and protected” some forty years earlier. (not that I was necessarily around yet, however)

The CAMPUS Vision

Getting closer to the CAMPUS vision, as a college-aged summer camp counselor I had a desire to nurture kids attending camp but whom also came to camp from spiritually non-nurturing environments. Years later, happy and prosperous in Austin, I was called to return to Peniel as the Teen Ministries Director, a position with no salary but relying on generous support of others. While even some close Christian friends thought I was crazy to abandon my lifestyle and possessions in Austin, I was excited to heed the call back into ministry. Over three years at Camp Peniel God blessed me with opportunities to do His “Kingdom” work, as I built on a ministry on site at the camp as well as creating a ministry in the Highland Lakes communities and on the road recruiting, following up with and discipling campers and potential campers.

Today, after eighteen years of experience, having served with and spoken at many churches, ministries and youth camps as well as working directly with multiple youth advocacy groups in several communities across Texas, and having seen the inconsistency between denominations which only results in a negative perception in those who see indifference within the body of Christ, I know that my greatest calling is to work to bridge that great divide by bringing ministry professionals together for one greater purpose than the singular agendas we sometimes have. In St. Paul’s words, we seek to “put no stumbling blocks in anyone’s paths.” Instead, we hope to encourage community members by uniting believers and making the Christian life attractive to those who currently do not.

CAMPUS, or “Civic And Ministry Professionals United for Students” is building just that, a network of believers coming together in to assist the church in fulfilling the great commission, showing consistency and camaraderie between denominations through programs and activities which provide forums to share the good news. One example of recent successes in this goal is this: The CAMPUS 5th Quarter fellowships reached a peek of nearly one hundred students after a home football game in a hill country community... and we enjoyed leadership volunteers representing several churches and civic organizations. The vision and plan for CAMPUS is a success! Why not become a part of it today!?!

CAMPUS'  History

In recent years we've generated a swell of  interest and have seen many volunteers become involved with us.  Folks from all walks and denominations... parents from several cities and areas where we've had our programs... from youth pastors to school officials to college students... CAMPUS is already serving in our original vision.  However, we know the sky is still, literally, the limit in our opportunity to reach kids for Christ.

CAMPUS:  Who We Are... What We Do

CAMPUS is committed to developing relationships with parents, community leaders and kids.  Through these relationships we strive to earn opportunities to present the Gospel.  Our programs and events consist of three categories: 

"Xtreme" Sports & Camps, Student Fellowships, Mentoring

As you can see there are many ways for you to become involved with us.  So, don’t be left out!! Join with us today. How? Go see our  PROGRAMS/EVENTS page or our SUPPORT US page..  There are many ways you can be inolved!

Thank you for visiting our site... and for your interest in CAMPUS!

Grace and Peace of Christ to you!