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So... what's so "Xtreme" about CAMPUS?

Well besides the Xtreme Sports events, Camps and Trips that we offer, we can also be seen as "Xtreme" in our approach to ministry.  How's this?  When you consider that churches do not, generally, work together, with some only promoting their own programs... and when you consider that even some nationally known "ministries" only pursue their own agendas and rarely partner with area churches... and, finally, considering the even less than Christ-like mainstream denominational mindset that ministry should only happen within the walls of the church facilities... it's easy to conclude that the CAMPUS Mission Statement is, in fact, a bit "Xtreme!"  CAMPUS is not only about thinking outside the box, it's also about encouraging the church to reach outside the box that IS the church.  We believe that without this, the church is doing "in-reach" and not "outreach."


The CAMPUS Mission Statement:

CAMPUS is a faith-based, faith-supported youth ministry created to bridge the gap between denominations in order to build cooperation for the purpose of outreach. CAMPUS, offering activities and fellowship, seeks forums to present the Gospel to those who have not been reached, and discipling believers who may also need assistance plugging into a church. With volunteers from a variety of denominations as well as from Christian youth camps, and other civic organizations, Civic and Ministry Professionals United for Students (CAMPUS), hopes to do just that… unite those from seemingly separate and differing Christian faiths in hopes of showing all the Common Ground, who is Christ, the Savior.

CAMPUS seeks to work directly with the Church (keeping in mind that we as individual believers are the church) by promoting the fellowship of area denominations and supporting other community ministries and youth camps by partnering with and co-serving in their respective missions.

CAMPUS offers sports related and other culturally diverse activities and programs in order that all youth will have an opportunity for fellowship and fun within our programs. Through a diverse array of volunteers from multiple denominations, we seek to show our clients the open doors of area denominations, further offering opportunities to become active members in the body of Christ.

CAMPUS is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

CAMPUS:  Who We Are... What We Do

CAMPUS is committed to developing relationships with parents, community leaders and kids.  Through these relationships we strive to earn opportunities to present the Gospel.  Our programs and events consist of three categories: 

"Xtreme" Sports & Camps, Student Fellowships, Mentoring

As you can see there are many ways for you to become involved with us.  So, don’t be left out!! Join with us today. How? Go see our  PROGRAMS/EVENTS page or our SUPPORT US page..  There are many ways you can be inolved!

Thank you for visiting our site... and for your interest in CAMPUS!