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How can you support CAMPUS?

Ohhhh… let us count the ways!



CAMPUS has incurred many expenses since our inception and will continue to do so as we become more and more active in communities as a ministry and youth advocacy group.  As with all non-profit corporations, we rely heavily on the donations of generous supporters.   This is our most urgent need.


Expenses include:  Funding of Programs, Scholarship Funds for our camps and events, Insurance, Transportation, Incorporation Fees, Office Supplies and Equipment, Travel Budget, Transportation Costs… as well as Transportation itself.

Send a Kid to Camp... or Help with Trips/Events

Many of our programs are free of charge.  Still, some of our events require that we include a fee.  Sponsor a student for one of our events, trips or camps.  Additionially, all programs have at least some expenses.  You can assist us by helping to fund our events.  Sponsor an event or help to fund a trip or one of our camps.



A HUGE CONCERN is that our programs will be extremely limited unless we are able to acquire a 15-passenger van or Suburban.  We won’t be very picky, either!  It just needs to be able to safely make trips and must have all seatbelts.  Does your church have a van that often sits parked in the church parking lot?  Is your church upgrading its fleet?  Do you or someone you know have a similar vehicle that no longer gets much use?  Please let us know of any and all possibilities!

UPDATE!!!!!!    We aquired a van that is already in use!  It is currently in service for our trips, transporting in towns, and as our director travels for speaking engagements and sets up additional CAMPUS chapters.  In fact, our logo is already on it and it is easily recognized.  So, when ya see us in your town, stop and say hi!  >>See the photos in the slideshow.
***Special thanks to those who contributed to the Van Fund... The Tamlyn family of Houston, The Hazletts of Katy, The Filler family of El Paso, The Clarks in Houston, The Lundgrens of Austin and several anonymous donors.




We currently have a laptop that was donated and we recently purchased a printer, but we still have many needs for our office.  A fax machine is needed as well as ink cartridges for our HP Printer(D1300 series)… not to mention funds for purchasing general office needs.




With the summer upon us (and with the price of fuel) we especially have impending transportation expenses.  Go take a look at our PROGRAMS page and you’ll see that we have big plans.


Additionally, with CAMPUS chapters getting started in the Highland Lakes area as well as Austin, Houston and now GALVESTON… and with requests for new chapters in other areas as well as plans for visiting and promoting all of these areas, our need for a more healthy general travel budget is also a priority.



CAMPUS has several partnerships in the works and we are constantly seeking to partner with Churches, Businesses and other ministries and youth advocacy groups.   BECOME A MENTOR!  Or, volunteer for one of our programs or events. Without our volunteers we could not exist!




Interested in joining with CAMPUS as a partnering organization, business or ministry?  Would you like to become a sponsor?  We’d love to have you!  CONTACT US  today!




Need we say more??



Make a contribution T O D A Y !


CAMPUS Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 22
Belton, TX  76513