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Gary Johnson is a property manager for an Austin based company and also works as an independent home inspector for mortgage companies.  He grew up in Central Texas before settling in Austin in the late 90’s.  A youth minister for nearly twenty years, he has worked in every area of youth ministry, including church ministry, missions and was co-founder of another successful youth organization based in the Temple area in the early 90’s.  
Gary’s vision of CAMPUS came full circle in 2007 while serving as a director at a Christian youth camp west of Austin.  After several years there, Gary’s progressive approach to ministry led him to prayer as he shared the vision with close friends.  Gary left the camp and began an all out pursuit of the CAMPUS dream.  Today, CAMPUS is known by many for its student fellowships, mentoring, and action sports events.

Gary Johnson -- Director

A native of Central Texas Gabe is a current resident of Marble Falls along with his two sons Jordan and Nicholas, and a member of the Highland Lakes Church of Christ in Kingsland, Texas. He is currently employed with American Bank of Texas N.A. as a Network/Systems Administrator, and previously served honorably in the United States Marine Corp for four years.  Gabe first got involved with CAMPUS when Director Gary Johnson called on the community in search of help with developing a web site for the group. Gabe had orginally offered to build a web site and then turn it over to CAMPUS, but has since served to help create the CAMPUS identity on the web through his knowledge and experience with web design.  "CAMPUS offers a great benefit to a community of youth who might otherwise not be reached. The first time I got to meet the kids invovled with CAMPUS I was pleased; they are a great bunch of kids."

Gabe Menchaca

Sarah is a 23 year old Senior at the University of Texas. She grew up in Lake Jackson, Texas and is an active member at Calvary Chapel where she volunteers with the youth. Sarah heard about CAMPUS through her church and immediately knew she wanted to be a part of our ministry. Sarah has held several student fellowships for CAMPUS in the Houston area and has been a wakeboarding instructor with the CAMPUS Wakeboard Club on Lake Conroe.  She spends most of her time in Austin during the school year and is actively recruiting members for the CAMPUS-Austin chapter. Sarah enjoys coaching girls basketball with a church league, surfing near her home in Lake Jackson as well as sky diving.  “I’ve been so moved by what I’ve seen while working with the CAMPUS kids. I see God at work and I’m excited at the possibilities we have to reach kids for Him!” Thank you, Sarah, for all you do for our youth! CAMPUS is proud to have you.

Sarah James